Field Dimensions

The Royalton Fieldhouse Soccer Field area is over 60 yards long and 35 yards wide, making it one of the largest indoor soccer fields in the area. This field is approximately 30% wider than an official indoor soccer rink, making it much more useful for practicing team tactics for outdoor soccer. The Full Field can be divided into three netted sections of 7500 sq ft each for separate rental.

Soccer goals can be set up at both ends of the field. Three sizes of goals are available:

  • Near regulation size (18 ½’ x 6 ½’), useful for goalkeeper practice and offensive drills and full field play.
  • Intermediate size goals (12 x 6 ½’), useful for U-8 indoor soccer leagues as well as small-side practice.
  • 3 v 3 Goals (6′ x 4′) for 3 v 3 games as well as small-side practice.
  • The field is permanently lined with touch lines, end lines, mid-field stripe, and goalie box. The extra space on the east side of the field is for bleachers (or chairs) for spectators during soccer league games.

There are no ‘dasher boards’ as in a classic indoor soccer rink. Instead, when one team kicks the ball over the end-line, or the touch-line, the other team is given a goal kick or throw-in, respectively. Again, this has been done to more closely approximate the outdoor game of soccer, and improve the transfer of skills from indoor play to outdoor play.