What are the indoor soccer features?

The Royalton Fieldhouse Soccer Field area is over 60 yards long and 35 yards wide, making it one of the largest indoor soccer fields in the area. This field is approximately 30% wider than an official indoor soccer rink, making it much more useful for practicing team tactics for outdoor soccer.

Soccer goals can be set up at both ends of the field. Three sizes of goals are available:

  • Near regulation size (18 ½’ x 6 ½’), useful for goalkeeper practice and offensive drills and full field play.
  • Intermediate size goals (12 x 6 ½’), useful for U-8 indoor soccer leagues as well as small-side practice.
  • 3 v 3 Goals (6′ x 4′) for 3 v 3 games as well as small-side practice.
  • The field is permanently lined with touch lines, end lines, mid-field stripe, and goalie box. The extra space on the east side of the field is for bleachers (or chairs) for spectators during soccer league games.

There are no ‘dasher boards’ as in a classic indoor soccer rink. Instead, when one team kicks the ball over the end-line, or the touch-line, the other team is given a goal kick or throw-in, respectively. Again, this has been done to more closely approximate the outdoor game of soccer, and improve the transfer of skills from indoor play to outdoor play.

What are the Softball and Baseball features?

A full-size indoor diamond is the centerpiece of Royalton Fieldhouse when it is configured for baseball and softball. Standard bases, available on site, are placed at whatever distance is needed for the team using the field, from 50′ to 90′. There is plenty of room to ‘play behind the base’ no matter what base length is used. A double safety first base is also available at the 60′ base length distance. NO LIVE BATTING is allowed, please discuss with Management.

Two L-Screens are available

The designated cage area lowers via a winch and pulleys onto the rear field.  Only teams renting the full field or rear field can obtain the cage area for batting.  The Cage is an additional $15/hr if the machine is in use. Pitching lanes are an additional $15/hr

What are the Lacrosse features?

The Royalton Fieldhouse has several field configurations available for use by lacrosse teams:

  • The Full Field Team Practice Setup ,
  • The Partial Field Team Practice Setup (2/3 field, 1/3 field) and
  • The 3 v 3 Lacrosse (“Chumash”) League Setup.

Full Field Team Practice Setup: The full 186′ x 110′ open field has been permanently lined to simulate the center section (lengthwise) of a full-sized lacrosse field, from the mid-field strip to the end-line beyond the goal. This allows enough space for a standard size ‘Attack area,’ with the corresponding mid-field area.

Two full-size, standard lacrosse goals are available in this configuration.

Partial Field Team Practice Setup (2/3 field, 1/3 field): The Royalton Fieldhouse’s 60 yard by 35 yard indoor field can be sub-divided into either a 2/3 field configuration, or a 1/3 field configuration simply by utilizing the divider curtains made of high quality vinyl. These smaller areas rent at substantially lower rates than the full field, and hence may represent a cost-effective practice solution for your team.

Two full-size, standard lacrosse goals are available for use during practice in the partial field areas

The 3 v 3 Lacrosse (“Chumash”) League Setup: Two full 3 v 3 Lacrosse (“Chumash”) fields can be fit into the 60 yard by 40 yard indoor field at Royalton Fieldhouse. This allows two games to be taking place simultaneously. Each field is equipped with a standard Chumash goal. There is protected space in the middle of the field for spectators.

How many different field configurations are there?

When only a portion of the field is needed for a given activity, it can be divided up into three sections, each of which can be rented at a lower rate.

The three section configuration:

In this setup, two floor-to-ceiling net dividers meet in the middle.  These segment the playing field into three equal-sized, 110′ x 61′ sections. For soccer or lacrosse, these areas could used  for instruction in groups of 15-20. Various sized-practice goals are available. For baseball or softball, each section could be used simply for throwing to build arm strength, or for pitching instruction in small groups. Portable baseball pitching platforms or softball pitching mats are available for use.

The two section configuration. In this setup, one floor-to-ceiling net divider meets in the middle.  This segments the playing field into two.  A 110’x120’ section and a smaller 110’x60’ section

The full field configuration. A large open area of about 110’x190’