Mens 6v6 Flag Rules


Royalton Fieldhouse Flag Football Rules for Men’s 18+ (subject to change)

Co-Ed rule differences at the bottom of the page

Indoor Flag Football Rules


  1. Management Rules:

1.1 All rosters and waivers must be turned in before the start of the first game.

1.2 All payments must be complete prior to the second game.

1.3 Players must sign in before each game.

1.4 Players must play in at least 3 regular season games to be eligible to play in playoffs.

1.5 Management reserves the right to alter any league schedule to best accommodate all.

1.6 All management decisions are final.

1.7 Referees decisions on the field are final. No appeals will be allowed of referee decisions.

1.8 National High School Federation Rules will be observed except where changed in NIFFA rules.

1.9 There will be a 3 referee system for Playoff games at $10 per team, per referee

  1. Uniform Rules:

2.1 All players must wear the same colored jerseys or shirts. Game will not start until each team has the proper colored jerseys. All shirts must be tucked in. Violation is a loss of down and ball placement at the previous spot. Home team will have the right to choose color if both teams have the same color jerseys or shirts.

2.2 All players must wear USTFL approved “Triple Threat Flag” belts (Provided). Flags must be a different color than pants (or shorts). Flags cannot be altered in any way (i.e. cutting flags short). Belts cannot be tied, or tucked into shirt where an opponent may not pull it off. Penalty for violation is loss of down and replay from the previous spot.

2.3 A player is considered down where the flag is pulled. If the flag falls off during a play, the player will be down where the flag falls off. A player who is observed carrying their flag will be considered down at the spot where the referee observes them and will be assessed a 10-yard penalty for un-sportsmanlike conduct.

2.4 No metal or screw in cleats. Only molded rubber cleats or tennis shoes will be worn on the field. Shoes must be carried into the facility. Players will not be allowed to play until proper shoes are used.

  1. UN-sportsmanlike Conduct:

3.1 Any player ejected during the game must leave the building within 5 minutes, pay a $25 fine, and will also be suspended for their team’s next game. If ejected a second time a $50 fine is assessed and the player cannot return the rest of the session.

3.2 Fighting will not be tolerated. Fighting is an automatic ejection and carries a suspension for the rest of the season including playoffs.

3.3 Taunting will not be tolerated. First offense is an un-sportsmanlike penalty of 10 yards. Second offense is an automatic ejection. Three taunting flags on one team during the game is an automatic forfeit.

3.4 Because there are usually children at the games, you should refrain from cursing. Each team will be allowed one warning from the referees. After the warning, on the second offence the offending team will be accessed a 10-yard un-sportsmanlike penalty from the previous spot. On the third offense the individual offender will be ejected from the game and the offending team will be accessed a 10-yard un-sportsmanlike penalty from the previous spot.

3.5 Throwing the ball against the wall, at a player, down the field, and kicking the ball is an un-sportsmanlike conduct penalty of 10 yards from the previous spot and an automatic ejection from the game.

  1. Number of Players & Forfeits:

4.1 All players must be on your official roster turned into management.

4.2 Teams will be allowed six (6) players on the field at one time (all eligible receivers).

4.3 Teams must have 5 players from their original roster to play a game. No pick-ups. (Note: If a team has 5 rostered players and wants to pick-up players to play in the game it will be at the permission of the opposing team. Opposing team may choose to win via forfeit, allow other team to pick-up other players and play game, or play the game against the rostered players of the other team). For playoffs, all players must be listed on the team’s roster and have played in at least 3 regular season games.

4.4 If a team starts with less than 6 players they may add other rostered players that arrive late. If rostered players arrive late, they must re-place non-rostered players playing in that game.

4.5 Clock will start at game time. Each team will have 10 minutes to have their team ready for play; clock will run from game time and will not be adjusted. After 10 minutes the game is forfeited. Team causing the delay will automatically lose the coin toss.

4.6 Team that forfeited must pay the total referee fee for BOTH teams prior to their next game.

  1. Games:

5.1 Games will consist of two (2) twenty-two (22) minute halves. The clock will run continuously, except for the last minute of the second half.

5.2 In the last minute of the game the clock will stop for all dead ball situations (incomplete pass, running out-of-bounds, change of possession, time-outs, and conversion attempts).

5.3 Each team will be allowed two time-outs per game.

5.4 Teams will be allowed twenty-five (25) seconds to put the ball in play from the referee’s whistle. Penalty: 5 yards and loss of down.

  1. House Rules:

6.1 No flag guarding, or stiff-arming. Violation is a spot foul. 10 yard penalty and loss of down.

6.2 Spinning is legal. However, hurdling and diving head first, and jumping will not be allowed. Penalty is 10 yards from the spot of the foul.

6.3 No punts or kick-offs. The ball will automatically be placed on the opposite 5-yard line.

6.4 If a ball hits the ground, it is down where it hits. Exception, a ball fumbled forward will be placed where the offensive team fumbled the ball. Fumble in end zone is a safety.

6.5 The ball is out of play when it touches any net or wall.

6.6 Defensive player cannot shove player into the nets. Violations are a personal foul penalty of 10 yards from the spot of the foul. Use of excessive force will be grounds for ejection from the game.

6.7 Defensive player cannot shove receiver out-of-bounds. Receivers shoved out-of-bounds will still be considered legitimate receivers. There is no penalty unless there is excessive force. Accessing a personal foul of 10 yards from the spot of the foul will penalize excessive force. Use of excessive force will be grounds for ejection from the game.

6.8 Defensive player may shove the receiver at the line-of scrimmage or within the “Rush Zone” area. Accessing a personal foul of 10 yards from the spot of the foul will penalize excessive force.

6.9 Defensive players are not allowed to run through offensive players to get flags. Violation is a personal foul penalty of 10 yards from the spot of the foul. Use of excessive force will be grounds for ejection from the game.

6.10 Runners cannot put head down. This is a personal foul of 10 yards from the spot of the foul.

6.11 Only one offensive player may be in motion at one time. Motion can be towards the line of scrimmage.

6.12 Offensive players do not have to be set prior to the snap.

6.13 Defensive players yelling out snap-counts will be accessed a five-yard penalty from the line-of-scrimmages.

  1. Defensive Rush:

7.1 There is no limit to the number of defensive players allowed to rush the passer.

7.2 Delayed rush-Rushing team must wait for the count from the official “one thousand and one to one thousand and three”, before they can rush, and the Quarterback is not allowed to cross the line of scrimmage to run until the count is complete.

7.3 Defensive players may line up on the line of scrimmage.

  1. Blocking:

8.1 Normal blocking is permitted to defend against the pass rush.

8.2 No blocking in the back or blocking below the waste is permitted. Penalty will be 10 yards from the spot of the foul.

8.3 No down field blocking will be permitted. If blocking is allowed it will be in conjunction with intercollegiate rules. Blockers must have hands behind their backs (much like setting a screen in basketball).

8.4 Cut or chop blocking will be reason for ejection from the game and will have a penalty of 10 yards from the spot of the foul.

  1. Extra Points:

9.1 One Point Conversion: Ball will be put in play from the 5-yard line. The offensive team must declare whether they intend to run or pass.

9.2 Two Point Conversion: Ball will be put in play from the 10-yard line. The offensive team does not have to declare their intentions.

9.3 Run-Back of Conversion: The defensive team may run back a conversion attempt. IF the defensive team runs back the conversion fora score they will be awarded 2 points.

  1. Overtime: Coin toss determines possession. Each team receives four (4) plays from the 50-yard line. If the game is still tied, each team receives one (1) plays from the 50-yard line, the team gaining the most yardages on the one (1) play is declared the winner and awarded one (1) additional point. Teams cannot score points only positive or negative yardage.
  2. Mercy Rule:

11.1 If a team is up by more than 16 points in the last minute of the game the clock will not stop and teams may not use their time-outs.

11.2 If a team is up by more than 40 points or more in the last 4 minutes, the game is over.



Each team shall have 6 players on the field with a minimum of 2 women. Teams may play with as few as 5 players (2 must be women unless the opposition captain consents to a variation.) Without consent the team in violation will forfeit and no game shall be played.

Offenses must utilize a female player as a primary player at least every third play;

The following are considered primary players:

The receiver of the football or the closest person to the incomplete pass.

The ball runner (does not have to cross the line of scrimmage)

The Quarterback from snap to pass or sack.

The following are not primary players:

The quarterback handing off snapping the ball into play

Taking a handoff then pitching the ball to a male without ever crossing the line of scrimmage (unless the male throws the ball to a female

The penalty for running three consecutive plays with a female as a primary player is a loss of down with the ball being returned to the original line of scrimmage. The play remains a “gender” play. Plays resulting in a “loss of down” penalty that are gender still count as gender plays. Plays resulting in a non-loss of down penalty that are gender will not count and team will remain in a gender situation. (i.e. the play never existed)

All players are eligible on extra points and punts