Location ➢ Royalton Fieldhouse, 10701 Royalton Rd. (back unit), North Royalton, Ohio 44133

Contact: Kevin Gallagher 216-544-7948 or Sean Giguere 440-465-5635 Email: Website:



Royalton Fieldhouse Rental Agreement

  1. Rental Rates are for individual activities or practice times for teams. It is prohibited to rent practice fields and run tournaments, camps, clinics or leagues without the specific permission of management. Prices will vary for these activities. Please call the facility for prices and availability at 440-237-8873
  2. Email your requests to this will be the best way to communicate. Please do not request to HOLD time.
  3. If you rent four (4) hours or less, full payment is required at the time of the rental.  If you rent more than four (4) hours, a 30% non-refundable deposit is required, with full payment owed at the time of the first rental.  If you have a long-term rental that spans several months, you may opt to pay each month separately at the beginning of the month.  This must be stated in writing by you at the execution of your contract.  If your rental contract does not exceed two months, full payment is due at the time of the first rental.  If payment is not received at the due date, a $50 fine may be assessed and your rental contract can be terminated.
  4. Cancellation Policy:

o     All payments, including deposits are non-refundable

o     Customers must fill out and sign a cancellation form for any dates they want to cancel.  It is the responsibility of the customer to obtain this form and deliver it to the Royalton Fieldhouse

o     Customers will responsible for full payment of all rentals within thirty days from the date of cancellation. Customers will be exempted from this responsibility if the Royalton Fieldhouse is able to resell the cancelled time. It is the responsibility of the customer to find out if the time was resold. Deposits are non-refundable even if time is resold. If a customer cancels outside the thirty day period, then any payments greater than the deposit will be refunded in full.

o     If the facility is closed for any reason, customer shall receive a facility credit toward a future rental date. If no dates are available, customer shall receive a refund for only those dates in which the facility was closed.

  1. All times shall be rented on the hour, in one hour or 90 minute long increments.
  2. Please include set-up and clean up time in your rental. It is the responsibility of the customer to include set up and clean up in their rental. Please return any item you moved.

You must communicate to your entire team, coaches and parents that there is:

NO GUM, SEEDS, CHEW OR DIP           Violator will be asked to leave

  1. Please be courteous of others– when your time is completed, promptly leave the court or field of play so that the next rental can use the field.  It is the responsibility of the customer to end their rental at the allotted time.  Anyone who continues to practice or play after their time has been completed will be billed and may forfeit their rights to future rentals at the Royalton Fieldhouse. Please communicate to your team to pick up their drink bottles and gear.
  2. Mandatory waivers must be complete by each participant.  Participants shall play at their own risk
  3. All customers must declare their use of the rental space.  Any use outside this declaration will be an automatic forfeiture of their rental agreement.